Basic Commands


Sends an invite link to the add Moddest to another server.


YouTube Search

Searches YouTube for a video.

>>youtube SEARCH_QUERY


Searches a word using urban dictionary (NSFW Channel Only).


Bot Info

Shows the bot's key information.


Server Info

Shows the current server's key information.


Avatar Grabber

Grabs the avatar of a certain user at source file quality. Leave blank for your own.



Initiate the bot to leave the server. Only the owner of the server can run this command.


Find User

Finds a user by the ID and displays their name and some information about their account, as well as the current profile picture. They do not have to be in the server.

>>find USER_ID

Set Region

Sets the servers region to enhance performance. Regions list: ('japan', 'singapore', 'eu-central', 'us-central', 'london', 'eu-west', 'amsterdam', 'brazil', 'us-west', 'hongkong', 'us-south', 'southafrica', 'us-east', 'sydney', 'frankfurt', 'russia')

>>setregion REGION_NAME