Configural Commands


Show's the current server configurations.



Changes the bot's nickname.


Reset Nick

Resets the bot's nickname.


Toggle Anti Alt

Prevent's alternative accounts, if setting is on, accounts must be older from 1 to the number of day(s) in order to join this server.

>>toggleantialt ON/OFF 1-ACCOUNT_AGE

Toggle Anti Ads

Toggle anti advertisement links on/off. This will either delete the server link, kick the member, or ban the member if they posted an advertisement based on what you set it to.

>>toggleantiads ON/OFF DELETE/KICK/BAN

Anti Ads Whitelist

Set a whitelisted (allowed) channel where advertisements can be sent without punishments.

>>antiadswhitelist CHANNEL_MENTION

Remove Whitelist

Remove the whitelisted channel for advertisements.

Toggle Mod Log

Sets where to place modlogs. Content that will be logged includes: Bans, Kicks, Mutes, and Unmutes. The bot will automatically log them in the specified channel if one of these events are initiated.